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    Collapse & Focus ViewSpec

    In follow up to https://jrnl.global/2018/09/12/the-incredible-difficulty-of-jumping-mental-tracks-breakdown-and-notions-of-progress/ here is a visualisation created in Keynote to illustrate how double clicking on a heading to collapse all other headings and thus give the user a more focused way to work could look:

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    What Sucks about Blogging

    We had the inaugural meeting of the jrnl project yesterday and we decided to write a blog post each of what sucks about blogging, with hopefully some useful issues coming out of that for us to work to improve. We could of course also list suggested improvements in the process. View Flexibility For me the single biggest issue is the lack of view flexibility. Even such a simple thing as viewing all the posts by a specific set of people in one timeline is only possible if they are on the same blog, it’s not possible cross-domains. Also, something as simple as saying I want to see all the paragraphs…