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    fast dynamic views & dynamic displays

    Based on our previous meeting, thinking and talking with Chris, I have noted down an issue of what we are referring to as a rich, dynamic view of blog articles: I am convinced that in order for the symbol manipulation Doug Engelbart spoke so highly off to be realised, we will have to developed much richer visual authoring and reading environments, both in terms of the visual presentation and the speed and smoothness of interaction. For the jrnl project we have our priorities and here are some further thoughts based on our last group chat: Visually Rich I feel that it will be important to use a visually bigger, wider…

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    Implicit Linking

    Let users select any arbitrary text and perform searches based on the text, such as we have experimented with for Liquid | Flow and in wordpress here wordpress.liquid.info both of which are already developed and owned by us. A blog post with illustration of the blue dot. This is a Doug Engelbart Term. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2004/nov/18/onlinesupplement 
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    High Resolution Addressability

    The ability for a link to be created which does not just link to the document but to a specific section within the document, such as a paragraph or a sentence, so that the reader can instantly jump to the cited section. This is a high-resolution version of pages in physical documents and can be used for further interaction. Related to the issue of pointing and addressing: http://wordpress.liquid.info/the-fine-art-of-addressing/ This is a Doug Engelbart term. jrnl post Category: High Resolution Addressability