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    FoT 2019 Invitation

    You are invited to join us for the future of The Future of Text: I am producing a book called ‘The Future of Text : A 2020 Vision’ which will be published next year and I’d be honoured if you would like to contribute a page.  The book comes out of the series of symposia I have been hosting since 2011 in collaboration with the co-inventor of the Internet, Vint Cerf. This year’s symposium will be in London on the 9th of December, to which you are also very welcome. So far we have a wonderful group of people joining us, as contributors to the book and/or participants at the…

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    Future of Text 2019 Invitation

    We are hosting the 9th Annual Future of Text Symposium and would very much like it if you could join us. This is a ‘summit’ which means there are not audience and speakers, only participants who will all have time for a brief presentation followed by dialog.   futureoftext.org    Announcing the 9th Annual Future of Text Symposium : Connecting Texts    A major step in the story of our evolution was when we gained the ability to point out to each other what we could see. A further major step was when we gained the ability to point out what could not be seen and to interact with what…

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    Shane Gibson

    Software engineer (with a concentration in web application development, often using WordPress), entrepreneur, technology operations management consultant, and residential real estate investor. I am rarely the smartest one in the room. Testing my tooltip plugin. The Throatwarblermangrove should match and maybe Throatwarblermangrove will also match. I am also testing the tooltip plugin with the Phrase of the day. The Phrase of the day is a phrase instead of just a word and should match and display the glossary definition. Demo Presenter of the jrnl for the 2018 Special Symposium for which this jrnl.global system was initially produced.  

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    Paul Presley

    For nearly 30 years I have been working in magazine publishing, from lowly intern to full-time Editor (today at: www.geographical.co.uk). My interest in this project is due to a love of the presentation of useful text for readers, so anything that is working on ways to better the interactions between readers and content is going to be of use as the written form evolves.

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    Teodora Petkova

    Hello! I am Teodora. What brought me here, at jrnl is my interest in the way our textual existence on the Web evolves. My name is Teodora and I believe, on the Web, we exist in the form of textual threads. Something more, on the Semantic Web we are intertextual beings, weaving narratives into an ever expanding fabric of relationships. This digital intertextuality combined with the power arising out of open narratives made of data and stories, is what intrigues me. You will find me mostly in my writing at teodorapetkova.com and thebravenewtext.com. 

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    Stephan Kreutzer

    I maintain an updated profile on my about page that includes a collection of links which lead to my other online presences and projects. For the context of this effort, I also describe most of my earlier and current work in this article. My contributions to this initiative usually won’t reside on this site as I’m able to build and run my own hypertext systems that hopefully will compose material from different sources into a virtual space or combined rendering, something like that. My results can be found on publishing-systems.org for automated conversion workflows and single-source, multi-channel publishing (working with legacy, bookish-style material), complemented by hypertext-systems.org for the more hypertexty…

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    Frode Hegland

    Software developer and PhD student at the University of Southampton. Co-presenter of Liquid Space and Presenter of Author and the jrnl for the 2018 Special Symposium for which this jrnl.global system was initially produced. Contact frodehegland.com www.liquid.info twitter.com/liquidizer frode@liquid.info