• FoT 2019 Invitation

    You are invited to join us for the future of The Future of Text: I am producing a book called ‘The Future of Text : A 2020 Vision’ which will be published next year and I’d be honoured if you would like to contribute a page.  The book comes out of the series of symposia I have been hosting since 2011 in collaboration with the co-inventor of the Internet, Vint Cerf. This year’s symposium will be in London on the 9th of December, to which you are also very welcome. So far we have a wonderful group of people joining us, as contributors to the book and/or participants at the…

  • after the 9th

    We had a fantastic Saturday together on the 8th, with many participating in person and Gyuri, Timour, Irina and Shane joining us online: thefutureoftext.org/8-december-2018.html The 9th was marked by a large celebration at the Computer History Museum, where we all demoed alongside such luminaries as Ted Nelson and Tim Berners-Lee: So where do we go from here? We have all had some time to settle down from the events (and the work leading up to them), so we now need to decide how to move forward. It’s been suggested that we ‘eat our own dogwood’ and that we should therefore use Exaptive and KnowFlow, which I personally agree with. I…

  • Personal Hypertext Report #9

    Finally, I’ve managed to get the “change_tracking_text_editor_1” capability working reliable enough for beta testing and prepared a downloadable package: hypertext-systems.org/downloads.php. Java 1.6 or higher is required. A description of the tool/capability can be found in this video. From here, plenty of very interesting options to extend it present themselves, but I find important to point out that in my opinion, tracking the development of a text is fundamental for a hypertext system and serious writing on a computer. Without it, versioning and revision can only be done retrospectively with heuristical diffs as after-the-fact analysis, which can be wrong and lacks information like the order of changes or changes that later…

  • Meeting w Vint today

    We met with Vint today based on our plan. We did not record, which was a little silly. We started with this view of the project and this view is indeed our project, a webtableux with these view settings. We went through the high resolution citation copying and Gyuri’s knowledge system and discussed meeting on the 8th of December, the day before the big day of the 9th. Next step is Cairo demo on the 14th of October.

  • Cairo

    Our goals for the 14th of November, when I present to Ismail in Cairo, is to have the following working: High resolution copy working in more browsers with author identification integrated into jrnl Communication between Chris’ and Gyuri’s visual graphs Quick search of own articles

  • Blue Dot

    We now have a designed blue dot menu here on jrnl.global with a rudimentary Flow function which the guys are going to improve and then put the code into Shane’s repository at https://github.com/swalkergibson/blue-dot

  • Initial Meeting Summary Report

    (As emailed to the team): Thank you to those of you who joined the call and those who tried 🙂 We had a good introductory chat and decided that we will reconvene in two weeks, on the 7th of September at the same time, 5pm UK time, 9am California time. I will upload the audio recording when I can, we are moving house today and tomorrow so it’s all a bit technically disorganised here right now. We decided on starting with EVERYONE writing a blog post on jrnl.global titled “Why Blogging Sucks’ where we outline the problems with current blogging, even if it’s simply a rant, and hopefully from that…