• after the 9th

    We had a fantastic Saturday together on the 8th, with many participating in person and Gyuri, Timour, Irina and Shane joining us online: thefutureoftext.org/8-december-2018.html The 9th was marked by a large celebration at the Computer History Museum, where we all demoed alongside such luminaries as Ted Nelson and Tim Berners-Lee: So where do we go from here? We have all had some time to settle down from the events (and the work leading up to them), so we now need to decide how to move forward. It’s been suggested that we ‘eat our own dogwood’ and that we should therefore use Exaptive and KnowFlow, which I personally agree with. I…

  • First Connect Meeting

    Some of us met on Monday, we’ll meet again on Wednesday. Here is the video, password protected for the time being: https://vimeo.com/frode/review/302870328/ad2c71f7f6 Adam, Dan, Dave, Gyuri, Karl, Shane, Frode, Harvey, Marc-Antoine, Robert

  • Meeting w Vint today

    We met with Vint today based on our plan. We did not record, which was a little silly. We started with this view of the project and this view is indeed our project, a webtableux with these view settings. We went through the high resolution citation copying and Gyuri’s knowledge system and discussed meeting on the 8th of December, the day before the big day of the 9th. Next step is Cairo demo on the 14th of October.

  • Meeting with Chris Gutteridge 5th of Sept 2018

    Christopher Gutteridge and I had a half day work and discussion session on the project. Decisions We decided that we should work on published documents, not live documents as in Google Docs. We further affirmed what may be obvious; that we want to make any additions modular so that anyone can plug any component into their wordpress install without needing the rest. Major components of work will a fast query engine and a view engine for a list/timeline view and text interactions when reading a document.   Actions We plan to hire an external wordpress developer for a reality check before moving further. I have noted down our priorities as…