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    Liquid Space Layout and interaction suggestions

    This is the suggestion for the top right dialog: View Scale should ideally be text but on mouse over becomes a slider Reset View Save All (Quine) Delete All Copy Current Layout should put layout into Clipboard Upload Layout should upload from Clipboard Connect to Graph should open, as below Suggestion for menu on Mouse over: When clicking Connect to Graph the dialog should fold open and display seeds and also a dialog for adding a URL manually. I suggest rectangular icons for the seeds since that conveys more drag-than lozenge:

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    Graph API

    This is a first explanation of the Graph API that I’ve added to this blog to allow it to be explored within our Liquid Space interface. To try it out, go to http://liquidspace.global/ and use the [G] icon in the tools menu, and enter this “endpoint” https://jrnl.global/wp-json/graph-api/v1/query This lets you explore this blog as a graph. Currently it’s really inefficient in several ways, but the ways to optimise it are obvious, but not worth worrying about until after our Demo in December. It also has a feature that lets you request a list of types from the blog, and retrieve nodes by type. I think I want to get rid…

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    This week’s Liquid Space updates

    I’ve made a few big changes to the back end of “Liquid Space” so that the code is more logical and modular and less like something I wrote as a stream of consciousness ramble at 3am. I’m slowly renaming “node” to “card” as I think the idea of index cards is a good metaphor for discrete fragments of web content. Also it’s less scary to people who don’t think in graphs  – 99.99% of our potential users! Also, I’ve done is tidied up the code which handles a pasted URL. It now makes a nice little icon with the image of the thing. It’s a bit *too* little, so I’m…

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    Refactor of Liquid Space code.

    I took the code for liquid space apart to try to find what shape it needed to be in. It’s looking much cleaner under the good now. You can play with it now at http://liquidspace.global/ Key features Cards (nodes to the graph nerds in the audience) Cards have Actions – things you can do with the card such as destroying it or setting an alternate View. Cards have views, which alter the content, and may alter how the card is displayed. All views of a card will work with the same metadata inside the card. Move around the display using click and drag and mousewheel to zoom. Like an online…

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    things to do with Liquid Space

    Discussion between Chris and me today as to the next steps for Liquid Space: Interactions for Adding Data Source User chooses to add a data source/seed (they can also simply paste this onto the workspace). This dialog appears. Visual change: For the seed dialog #dbd0bd and #a89e8a and use the term: ‘Connect to Data Source’ When the user clicks Connect this appears: Visual change: Make the buttons blue #bec7e7 add drop and remove the description. Vertical length dependent on relative size: When user clicks on a lozenge in the step above, the data source turns into an icon. Mouse over or otherwise interact to make this icon show the information again.…

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    Webleaux / Dynamic View / Murder Wall (name to be decided – it became Liquid Space)

    In chats with Christopher today we went through what the dynamic view he is working on should really be for and how it should look and behave. We agreed that it should be a way for someone to analyse a series of web pages, by default the blog you are on but with support for any web pages to be pasted in (augmented/hypercopy/citation link copy). Initial work will show blog posts (or pre-prepared for demo) which can be arranged at will and comments being possible to add on the fly. The resulting graphical view will be saveable as a blog post (future). Presented By Christopher Gutteridge