• Integration Publishing

    Publishing is an act on integrating.  When sitting on a flight with my mother on our way to Zürich last night, I bought a new pen from Caran D’Ache (or something like that). It’s made from recycled nespresso pods so this has appeal. Since I had left behind my laptop (short trip, just two nights, but still) I had bought a notebook with ‘Journal’ emblazoned on the front. It’s a good pen and I had already been sketching and writing about Author and Liquid Space, so now I wrote the question:   ”…how can I write and have my writing-the intentions of my writings-understood, transmit-able, integrated.  The last few words…

  • Search Results Theme for finding own articles (primarily)

    This is what I was talking about during our previous meeting. Simple search results for the user to find an article they wrote and quickly copy a link or as citation to add to what they are currently writing, with ability to refine search results based on what tags and categories are used around the keyword.

  • Blue Dot Menu Design

    Guys, this is what we are doing with testing so that we have an interaction means to test some of the work we are looking into. Please comment. The blue dot, carried over from http://wordpress.liquid.info (originally the Hyperwords dot) is being tested as an interaction means for the jrnl. The menu is being modified to not have the highlighted character, no sub menu, one menu break and no bottom ‘brand’ section. Menu Items The menu items for first testing should be: Search this site Google Wikipedia Images (google images) – break, to be shown as an empty line, maybe later modified in height or with line – Copy As Citation (copies text and…

  • jrnl High Resolution Addressing Implementation

    I think the notion of addressing is key for much of the interactions we should build and I have written on it all over the place, particularly on the site http://symbolspace.info where I discuss connections and addressability as aspects of the same thing. For our jrnl project a high priority is to implement stable way where a reader can cite text in a blog post and have a high expectation that when cited in another blog post or other document, when a subsequent reader chooses to access the citation source, that it will automatically be indicated on the article. An important part of this is the use of the high…

  • Thoughts on a ‘Publish’ Dialogue Box

    The act of publishing to the web, through WordPress, can be more useful for the reader if the process includes explicit steps for adding meta-information, such as the Category of the post and appropriate Tags. In this dialogue, mocked up for possible inclusion in Liquid | Author, the user has a large, clear screen for assigning Categories and adding Tags: