• This week’s Liquid Space updates

    I’ve made a few big changes to the back end of “Liquid Space” so that the code is more logical and modular and less like something I wrote as a stream of consciousness ramble at 3am. I’m slowly renaming “node” to “card” as I think the idea of index cards is a good metaphor for discrete fragments of web content. Also it’s less scary to people who don’t think in graphs  – 99.99% of our potential users! Also, I’ve done is tidied up the code which handles a pasted URL. It now makes a nice little icon with the image of the thing. It’s a bit *too* little, so I’m…

  • Test PKM WP

    Fruits Nov06 This is just a test of the writing sequence When I think of Fruits I first think of an apple then an orange apple Nov06 apple of my eye and carry on with orange orange Nov06 orange related to apple Orange is not an apple 

  • Personal Hypertext Report #9

    Finally, I’ve managed to get the “change_tracking_text_editor_1” capability working reliable enough for beta testing and prepared a downloadable package: hypertext-systems.org/downloads.php. Java 1.6 or higher is required. A description of the tool/capability can be found in this video. From here, plenty of very interesting options to extend it present themselves, but I find important to point out that in my opinion, tracking the development of a text is fundamental for a hypertext system and serious writing on a computer. Without it, versioning and revision can only be done retrospectively with heuristical diffs as after-the-fact analysis, which can be wrong and lacks information like the order of changes or changes that later…

  • Liquid Space

    An environment developed by Christopher Gutteridge with Frode Hegland. Previously known also as weblaux and presented to Vint first time this week. It’s an environment for visually seeing and manipulating nodes in a network.

  • Webleau progress (Liquid Space)

    Hi, this is a quick update on Webleau (Web Tableau) part of my suite of ideas for how I’d like information systems to work. A guiding principle for me is that people should be able to get a feel for what’s going on and it should be “easy to do the right thing”, rather than a chore. Try the current work in progress here: http://www.soton.ac.uk/~totl/webleau/ The webleau idea is based on an older tool I made, wiki explorer, which was a tool for exploring wikipedia, linked data and other graphs of information. It used <canvas> and didn’t save well, nor did I really think about how to load/save things. None…

  • Vint Update

    In tomorrow’s meeting with Vint, Chris, Gyuri and Shane we will be talking about: Citation copying which are high resolution copies with author information and other meta data by Chris, to be shown on this page. Graphical views of blogs, essential two riffs of what I was working on with Dynamic Views which both Chris and Gyuri have worked on independently and which we will work to integrate. This also touches on the hyperGlossary work and the work the knowledge graph group is working on. Search Own Blog. We will also briefly discuss how themes can help some of the issues of finding ones own work for inclusion in new…

  • Webleaux / Dynamic View / Murder Wall (name to be decided – it became Liquid Space)

    In chats with Christopher today we went through what the dynamic view he is working on should really be for and how it should look and behave. We agreed that it should be a way for someone to analyse a series of web pages, by default the blog you are on but with support for any web pages to be pasted in (augmented/hypercopy/citation link copy). Initial work will show blog posts (or pre-prepared for demo) which can be arranged at will and comments being possible to add on the fly. The resulting graphical view will be saveable as a blog post (future). Presented By Christopher Gutteridge

  • Blue Dot

    We now have a designed blue dot menu here on jrnl.global with a rudimentary Flow function which the guys are going to improve and then put the code into Shane’s repository at https://github.com/swalkergibson/blue-dot