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    Post Format for hyperGlossary

    In order to allow for the desired  interaction there must be a format for the authoring application, whether WordPress web or Liquid Author to send this to the WordPress post for special viewing like this if the template supports it or as a basic use for non-optimised templates. I suggest: some text and then the term which in this case is fish (⋮ a marine animal that swims https://jrnl.global/2018/11/30/fish/ ⋮) with other text to follow to better show context This means that by default a short definition is shown with a link to the full definition but the plugin or theme can parse this (based on ⋮ by the closing and opening bracket) to…

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    HyperGlossary In-Document

    The design of what happens when a document with glossary terms attached is published to WordPress is difficult since there are so many ways it could be handled and there should be degrees of reveal for the reader without the reader being confused: It should be possible to not have any glossary text visible, to have the short definition visible and to access the full definition and then the full graph connected kahuna. Visual tests There should be a way to indicate that certain text has a glossary term available for reading but which is not opened up (in brackets to show the short definition). See are some tests using…

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    Posting Dialogue with In-Situ short definition

    I was reading Tom’s book for the Economist this morning and there was a normal Economist style sentence which defined a term. It was something like this: “Cap-Gemini, a consulting form,” and it seemed such a great display style of the short definition so let’s have the form be like this, with many of the fields having suggestions for content to help the user:   When the user starts writing the Short Definition though, it appears alongside the title, staying horizontally centered,  to help the user write it in a style which would work as an auto-inserted description after a comma: However, the issue comes up that if the term…

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    This week’s Liquid Space updates

    I’ve made a few big changes to the back end of “Liquid Space” so that the code is more logical and modular and less like something I wrote as a stream of consciousness ramble at 3am. I’m slowly renaming “node” to “card” as I think the idea of index cards is a good metaphor for discrete fragments of web content. Also it’s less scary to people who don’t think in graphs  – 99.99% of our potential users! Also, I’ve done is tidied up the code which handles a pasted URL. It now makes a nice little icon with the image of the thing. It’s a bit *too* little, so I’m…

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    Refactor of Liquid Space code.

    I took the code for liquid space apart to try to find what shape it needed to be in. It’s looking much cleaner under the good now. You can play with it now at http://liquidspace.global/ Key features Cards (nodes to the graph nerds in the audience) Cards have Actions – things you can do with the card such as destroying it or setting an alternate View. Cards have views, which alter the content, and may alter how the card is displayed. All views of a card will work with the same metadata inside the card. Move around the display using click and drag and mousewheel to zoom. Like an online…

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    Glossary Thoughts & Notes

    Notes on the glossary project, to be either named Liquid Glossary or hyperGlossary.  Project website: https://hyperglossary.info Relates to Doug’s Work Provides a glossary capability Makes authoring less repetitive Connects different views and systems Glossary Entry Creation The glossary entries can be created and stored as WordPress blog post articles with special, though human-understandable formatting. The author can create an entry in WordPress by simply assigning the Category ‘[Glossary Entry]’ and that’s it. The user can also use external systems to create the entry in order to add further, useful meta-data, such as this in Liquid | Flow: In this way the user can add a short and (optional) long definition and…

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    Test PKM WP

    Fruits Nov06 This is just a test of the writing sequence When I think of Fruits I first think of an apple then an orange apple Nov06 apple of my eye and carry on with orange orange Nov06 orange related to apple Orange is not an apple 

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    Personal Hypertext Report #9

    Finally, I’ve managed to get the “change_tracking_text_editor_1” capability working reliable enough for beta testing and prepared a downloadable package: hypertext-systems.org/downloads.php. Java 1.6 or higher is required. A description of the tool/capability can be found in this video. From here, plenty of very interesting options to extend it present themselves, but I find important to point out that in my opinion, tracking the development of a text is fundamental for a hypertext system and serious writing on a computer. Without it, versioning and revision can only be done retrospectively with heuristical diffs as after-the-fact analysis, which can be wrong and lacks information like the order of changes or changes that later…

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    Integration Publishing

    Publishing is an act on integrating.  When sitting on a flight with my mother on our way to Zürich last night, I bought a new pen from Caran D’Ache (or something like that). It’s made from recycled nespresso pods so this has appeal. Since I had left behind my laptop (short trip, just two nights, but still) I had bought a notebook with ‘Journal’ emblazoned on the front. It’s a good pen and I had already been sketching and writing about Author and Liquid Space, so now I wrote the question:   ”…how can I write and have my writing-the intentions of my writings-understood, transmit-able, integrated.  The last few words…