Tools to bring together people, data and analyses to support collaborative communities and boundary crossing interactions. Longer Description The Exaptive Platform is a set of tools for facilitating cross-disciplinary innovation. The Exaptive Studio is a modular programming…

Liquid Space

A live, deeply interactive and connective web based thinking environment. The Liquid Space Project is based on the insight that if you change the view of your information you change our perspective and gain insights….


Introduction/description here, to replace this text.   Relevance to Doug’s work Presented by Dan Whaley Home

Liquid | Author

Liquid | Author is a word processor inspired in many ways by working with Doug Engelbart and focused on student and online writing. www.liquid.info Relevance to Doug Engelbart’s Work High Resolution Linking for internal links…


Blaze trails with @TrailMarks as you search and annotate the web using @hypothes_is.  Link annotations to your narrative trails as you “connect the dots”. Share them along with  the “entire scaffolding by which they were…

Liquid Space

An environment developed by Christopher Gutteridge with Frode Hegland. Previously known also as weblaux and presented to Vint first time this week. It’s an environment for visually seeing and manipulating nodes in a network.


KnowFlow in a visual knowledge management enviroment for collaborative groups. Collaborative SAAS, purely web-based multi-user application. Although it is been created as a part of Neuroweb platform, it seems, that roots behind Douglas Engelbart conceptual…

Xanadu Basics

Parallel pages, visibly connected, as explained in “Xanadu Basics 1a”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMKy52Intac Presented By Ted Nelson


Hyperknowledge allows to build a federated ecosystem of knowledge work tools. It is based on an event sourcing model of generalized concept graphs, which can model structured data or documents. High-level events are interpreted into…