• Perspective

    Why Blogging Sucks?

    First things first. Blogging doesn’t suck. It just still does not shine with the light it can, given some proper data are added to our words. It does not breath enough connected data space. And I totally agree with Stephan Kreutzer’s write-up that blogging isn’t “hypertexty enough.” In my world, I would call that same concept – webby, or better: semantic webby. What would really augment my experience as a writer and a reader, is the ability of the system I write within to: Consolidate dynamic content Assign unique identifiers for things, people and all other conceivable entities Allow the creation of semantic networks that will add to the Giant Global…

  • The Team

    Teodora Petkova

    Hello! I am Teodora. What brought me here, at jrnl is my interest in the way our textual existence on the Web evolves. My name is Teodora and I believe, on the Web, we exist in the form of textual threads. Something more, on the Semantic Web we are intertextual beings, weaving narratives into an ever expanding fabric of relationships. This digital intertextuality combined with the power arising out of open narratives made of data and stories, is what intrigues me. You will find me mostly in my writing at teodorapetkova.com and thebravenewtext.com.