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    Blog post for 1/22 meeting

    What I am doing? I am working in concert with Frode and Chris to bring an improved set of authoring and reading tools to the WordPress platform which adhere to “Englebartian” principles. It is my intention to carve out some time to work on a new tool that will enable two-way linking of text in a browser. In essence, when a backlink to content is created, I would like to enable a method for the original author of the content that is being linked to to be notified and be able to avow or disavow the link to create a more interconnected network of content which is known among authors…

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    10/16/2018: Team meeting

    Participants Frode Hegland Gyuri Lajos Shane Gibson Christopher Gutteridge Notes There were some issues with connectivity, but Gyuri and I had a follow-up conversation where we outlined his requirements for the integration with WordPress.org websites and MindGraph.co.

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    10/8/2018: Notes from call with Frode and team

    Participants Shane Gibson Frode Hegland Christopher Gutteridge Gyuri Lajos Introductions Chris Gutteridge: Works for University of Southampton, been there for 20+ years, works in OpenData, worked with Ted Nelson, doing a PhD in scholarly communication. When Frode started his project, Chris got involved because they had a lot of similarities. Chris comes from a very different perspective, had a bit of a brainstorm about Doug Englebart ideas and how to port them into WP. Chris is a developer himself. One of the ideas is some very simple and easy to understand components in WP, posts, categories, tags, etc, if you could treat those all as entities so that other applications…