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    TrailMarks Post on TrailMarks

      Blaze trails with @TrailMarks as you search and annotate the web using @hypothes_is . Link annotations to your narratives as you “connect the dots”. Share narrative trails as posts with searchable HyperMaps giving the “entire scaffolding by which they were erected”. “Eventually everything connects — people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.” charles eames Trailmarks lets you extend the frontiers of your knowledge as you blaze trails across the Web annotated by Hypothes.is. In collaboration with the Liquid Space project we are aiming to  turn WordPress into a community-knowledge sharing platform. Like the  MEMEX, TrailMarks let’s you weave narrative trails to augment your ability to understand and to be…

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    TrailMarks Value Proposition

    This post was composed in TrailMarks. It was supposed to also showcase high resolution addressing. It will need a couple more days to complete. But the text without the linked context provides pointers to how interoperability between the knowledge graph (propositional knowledge) can interface with more discursive human level understanding using Hypothes.is. The headings indicate nodes and are a “left forward” of  the structure needed for high resolution addressing and recall. They should be visible only when the viewspec for it is activated. Shame I have to fake it till I make it still. The problem Summary do summary Too much content Capable recommendation engines appear everywhere, on Medium, LinkedIn, Research…

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    Semantic Web Experiment for glossary entries

    This is a small experiment trying out the first suggestion in Semantic Web compatibility within wordpress. The problems seems to be that as soon as you press preview WordPress removes all the property attributes. It may be possible to fiddle with some settings. The only thing that seem to survive are classes as we found out in our experiments. TrailMarks In any case, what does matter that we are trying to add deeper linked content in a blog that can reconstruct the underlying graph. and since we have javascript it is a trivial matter to generate RDF or any other desired format. My first glossary term The definition of my first term.…

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    Linked Text

    “Linked Text” works like the mind: through associations. It creates all text as “dots”, and links them to all relevant meaningful contexts within the author’s preview, and back. It augments authoring of narrative “trails that never fade” as we connect the dots and allow recall of the entire scaffolding with which they were erected so that anybody can build upon them. These “dots” support high resolution associative content addressing and thus make contextual associative recall possible. As the process of consulting the records improves it augments the authoring process itself by “helping one to bring to mind what one had in mind” and presenting everything related that had been recorded…

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    Test PKM WP

    Fruits Nov06 This is just a test of the writing sequence When I think of Fruits I first think of an apple then an orange apple Nov06 apple of my eye and carry on with orange orange Nov06 orange related to apple Orange is not an apple 

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    Blaze trails with @TrailMarks as you search and annotate the web using @hypothes_is.  Link annotations to your narrative trails as you “connect the dots”. Share them along with  the “entire scaffolding by which they were erected” as a HyperMaps. Checkout https://trailmarks.co Linked Text TrailMarks Post on TrailMarks TrailMarks Value Proposition Relevance to Doug Engelbart’s Work Inspired by Doug Engelbart’s  “Dynamic Knowledge Repository” concept. Support for bi-directional links. High Resolution Linking within Trailmarks and to the web via hypothes.is High Resolution Recall of structured HyperMedia  it creates in a private, offline first, personal setting. It is built as the simplest possible thing that could possible work that would augment individuals ability to understand…

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    Sketch first Sprint work breakdown structure

    Exploring what could we build together for the 9th of December demo This is an experiment to see if it is possible to manually publish to word press from the MindGraph plain HTML. Then experiment with HRSHTML 9th December, my Priorities – jrnl Liquid Information Publish from Author to WordPress : High Resolution Addressing – liquid thoughts identifying what could we demo within two weeks Existing capabilities Author export to WordPress MindGraph Roundtrip High Resolution Structured HTML into MindGraph Graph visualization, Manipulation Right Thought Editing Grap First Sprint Capabilities that could possibly be completed within two weeks MindGraph Import HRSHTML from WordPress Export HRSHTML to WordPress WordPress Plugin Providing a…