after the 9th

We had a fantastic Saturday together on the 8th, with many participating in person and Gyuri, Timour, Irina and Shane joining us online: The 9th was marked by a…


Tools to bring together people, data and analyses to support collaborative communities and boundary crossing interactions. Longer Description The Exaptive Platform is a set of tools for facilitating cross-disciplinary innovation. The Exaptive…


Short Definition: a short defition Long Definition: a long one This is a: test, This terms relates to previous terms: Related websites:

Emily Hegland

Short Definition: Frode Hegland’s wife Long Definition: Emily is also the mother of Edgar. This is a: person, woman, mother, british This terms relates to previous terms: Related websites:


This is a fake glossary entry just to be able to illustrate a link in

Post Format for hyperGlossary

In order to allow for the desired  interaction there must be a format for the authoring application, whether WordPress web or Liquid Author to send this to the WordPress post for…

HyperGlossary In-Document

The design of what happens when a document with glossary terms attached is published to WordPress is difficult since there are so many ways it could be handled and there…