jrnl wordpress blog augmentation : 2020

In support of the book and the symposium, we are convening weekly sessions to get together to focus on specific questions of how make interactive text more powerfully useful in the meta-context of supporting our own dialog on this WordPress blog jrnl.

We will discuss:

How can we build open systems to augment rich interactions
with such Doug Engelbart inspired capabilities as
high resolution addressing,
glossary support,
dynamic and non-linear views,
support for analysis,
advanced searches
& more?

What are the underlying technical, economic and other issues in the way of this and how can they be overcome?


These are urgent, complex problems and will require a broad community of effort to resolve. Will you join our dialog before that day to make the day as useful as it can be and to help us have something to demonstrate?

All contributions to the improvements of the blog will be recorded in the bohttps://jrnl.global/2019/04/17/the-printed-book/ok.

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