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jrnl WordPress Plugin

We are starting this journey using our WordPress blog jrnl both as a place for discussion and implementation and testing of text interaction ideas.


initial functionality : glossary



The user will select any text while authoring and in the text tools dialog a ‘g’ will appear, which the user can click on to view a list of all posts which have been categorised in the [Glossary Term] Category. Selecting such a term will mark the selected term has having that Glossary Term associated with it. Shane, how should we do this exactly, how should it be marked up?


Creating a Glossary Term

Creating a glossary term can be done manually, by simply using headers and body text, or through software, as designed by us or anyone else: This is how it is done now and this is the future design where there is a more sophisticated handling of the relationships between terms but also no short definition–it simply treats the first sentence of the long definition as the short definition where useful.



When a visitor comes across text which has been tagged with a glossary term, it will have, by default, a degree icon° after it.

If the user clicks on the text a card will appear with the glossary definition. The user can choose to follow any links on that card (opening in new tabs) or click outside it to dismiss it.


Admin Options

 The admin of the plugin should be able to decide the behaviour of what the visitor sees: The glossary tagged text should either have a † or a ° after it or nothing.


future functionality : copy & search

Support for High Resolution Copying where the copied text will have a URL to the anchor of its location so that when it is used in a new document or web page, when clicked on, the browser will load the page and automatically scroll to the selected text. This can be done using cmd-c or Copy As Citation from the pop-up menu. Christopher Gutteridge’s code is here: https://github.com/cgutteridge/augmented-copy

Support for searching and looking up text based on the selected text and choices in the pop-up menu.

A pop-up menu to support some of the commands plus more, based on the users operating system look or the blue dot: https://jrnl.global/2018/10/10/blue-dot/


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