Tools to bring together people, data and analyses to support collaborative communities and boundary crossing interactions.

Longer Description

The Exaptive Platform is a set of tools for facilitating cross-disciplinary innovation. The Exaptive Studio is a modular programming environment that makes it easier for the tools and techniques from one discipline to be applied in other fields and creatively appropriated for other use-cases. The Exaptive Cognitive City leverages metadata from the Studio, as well incorporating metadata from other external sources, to dynamically build networks based on the work people do and to recommend collaboration and teams optimized for ideation and innovation.

Related to Doug’s Vision

Doug dedicated his career to the vision that humans and computers working together could have a profound impact on the world. Exaptive was founded in 2011 with exactly this vision in mind. The global rate of innovation is slowing – if we are to counteract this, we must focus not only on producing new ideas but on improving the processes by which we ideate. As Doug long advocated, computers are well positioned to help with this challenge. Ideas are networks and if there’s anything computers are good at it’s helping people build and navigate networks quickly. These ideas that Doug loved – networks, human-computer-interaction, collective intelligence, and the audacious philosophy that our tools don’t just help us think, but co-evolve the very way we think, are all interwoven in the Exaptive platform. And we built the system with the system, because we love recursive bootstrapping too.

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