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Posting Dialogue with In-Situ short definition

I was reading Tom’s book for the Economist this morning and there was a normal Economist style sentence which defined a term. It was something like this: “Cap-Gemini, a consulting form,” and it seemed such a great display style of the short definition so let’s have the form be like this, with many of the fields having suggestions for content to help the user:


When the user starts writing the Short Definition though, it appears alongside the title, staying horizontally centered,  to help the user write it in a style which would work as an auto-inserted description after a comma:

However, the issue comes up that if the term is used at the end of a sentence it would be ,. and that would be ugly, so therefore it seems best to make it fit inside brackets:

Please note also that the text on the bottom now refers to HyperGlossary, not Flow. The link should go to:

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