Updated after Gyuri ( manual typing of types)

I have updated the dialog and allowed the user to type in a relationship manually:



Top Priority

  • There is no longer a drop-down for relationships, simply a field for the user to type freeform, with greyed out text to suggest action (‘was invented by, works with etc…’) which disappears immediately on click/tab.
  • There are also fields for websites to be added, which also has a freeform text field for the user to type a relationship.
  • Add the text bottom left as shown, liking to http://www.liquid.info/flow.html

Optional (Do if not Very Time-Consuming)

  • The drop-down now covers the strip of Search, References etc (unless too much work)
  • The title, which was the original text, is now entered with no background. Completely re-formatted for a very clean and simple look

Next Stage (important but can wait a few days)

  • The fields for relationship for other glossary terms and for websites need to be stored so that when the use starts typing again in the future the text will auto-complete suggest based on previous text
  • If user leaves Liquid | Flow to copy something, the dialog still needs to be open

This is the style for light mode. Note that the heading text is grey: #535353

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