Things to have relationships with in the glossary

So, we have this now in Liquid | Flow. Select text, keyboard shortcut for the menu and then simply ‘g’ for Add to Glossary. In this case I’ve added Chris:

At the bottom we have this pop-up for relationships which is are so far only relationship terms for concepts. But what about for other types of entries, such as people (in the case of Chris), places, documents, things, projects, companies and so on?

How should we organise the types?

For example, if the entry is about a person, we should have at least these options for defining the relationship with another entry:

  • Works with
  • Works for
  • Works on
  • Created
  • Created by
  • Is Related to
  • is Admired by

What are the categories we should cover? I don’t mind having a few, but it should be super-quick to assign from a pop-up or from buttons (ideally, since that’s faster), but it can’t be too many. I think once he category of ‘this is’ has been set, the pop-up options for relationships with other posts can dynamically change.

What do you think? My goal is to make this EASY and QUICK for a regular writer to add but also nicely connected in your knowledge graphs once ingested.

The list so far:

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