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A series of questions for how the projects and products could possibly work together. Please comment:

It seems to me that the Knowledge Graphs (KG) are a new and natural ecosystem. It also seems to me that it will be useful to have efficient means to add to and to extract from this ecosystem.

Knowledge Graph Ecosystem

So, Marc-Antoine, Gyuri, Dave, Chris & al, what is the means through which you guys could share KG information? Is it along what Marc-Antoine posted recently?

Dan, how do you feel Hypthesis can contribute to a knowledge graph environment? Similarly, how about CogNexus for you Jeff and for what you are working on Bret? Would Collaborama fit in directly here Adam?

Edges of Knowledge Graphs

Externally to the knowledge graph world, or rather, on the edges of, is my own
Liquid | Author & Flow which is still very much invested in using WordPress as a gateway to post to and to get information from. Who else are really interested in this now? I feel Marc-Antoine’s post was interesting but I’m of the opinion that the additions he is talking about could be better served through some gateway. What are your thoughts on this?


KnowFlow Timour

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