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Show empty screen to show how simple

Then type : A blank canvas, with powerful controls

Pinch to collapse

Doug. Hegland, 2018.

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Hegland, 2018.

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I just saw your list of macOS word processors and would humbly request you take a look at my own: Liquid | Author is a macOS word processor with a minimalist workspace featuring powerful controls:

  • Pinch to collapse into a table of contents/outline
  • Select any text and search, look it up, translate and more, within half a second
  • Add citations instantly from books, web and video
  • Link to sections within your document
  • Quick Find shows you all the occurrences of chosen text in your document by hiding all other sentences
  • ESC to enter and leave full screen mode
  • Mojave Dark mode support
  • Image, with markup and citation support
  • Dedicated Edit and Read modes. In Read mode access video citations inside Author and use spacebar to go down a screen
  • Publish to PDF & Word with automatic citation formatting and References section appended
  • Publish to WordPress including images

Please have a look: www.liquid.info It is free to download from the App Store and use. A small, one-time In-App purchase is available to unlock the Publish/Export function.


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