Liquid Space

A live, deeply interactive and connective web based thinking environment.

The Liquid Space Project is based on the insight that if you change the view of your information you change our perspective and gain insights.

The benefit of using non-linear, freeform environments to lay out thoughts or concepts has a long history in augmented thought, from the basic post-it notes on the wall and the Japanese KJ-Ho Method, to the elaborate ‘murder wall’s on TV shows where the protagonist is trying to get their head around wildly disparate aspects of a situation. The rationale is that this method employs the users occipital lobe to augment their prefrontal cortex.

Digital systems have evolved to enable this type of thought interaction in a multi-media, easily reorganizable environment to some success. The current implementations though are all self-contained, with only import and export capabilities, not the ability to represent and provide interactions for external sources ‘live’.

The Liquid Space uniquely allows the user to connect to data sources and to allow the user to interact with that source live, so that any substantive changes beyond layout are communicated between this systems.

This means that a blog, wiki, academic document repository or even a local word processing application or similar can be connected to–and depending on privileges granted–this can be a one off connection, a live feed or even a live two-way connection.

We already have a working prototype available to try at

The research project aims to improve the interaction, the possible visualisations and connection opportunities.

Relevance to Doug’s work

  • Features rich ViewSpecs
  • High Resolution Addressability

Presented By

Chris Gutteridge, Frode Hegland


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