Semantic Web Experiment for glossary entries

This is a small experiment trying out the first suggestion in Semantic Web compatibility

within wordpress. The problems seems to be that as soon as you press preview WordPress removes all the property attributes. It may be possible to fiddle with some settings.

The only thing that seem to survive are classes as we found out in our experiments.


In any case, what does matter that we are trying to add deeper linked content in a blog that can reconstruct the underlying graph. and since we have javascript it is a trivial matter to generate RDF or any other desired format.

My first glossary term

The definition of my first term.

This term specializes another term



  • skreutzer

    This is now the third proposal for organzing the rather simple glossary capability: one by me, one by Frode and the third by you. I guess each of us is ignoring the proposals of the others, none of them was ever considered/discussed, so I fail to see what the point of making more proposals or looking at glossary capabilities is supposed to be.

    And, again, as you now found out for yourself too, WordPress “works” somewhat, but doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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