Linked Text

“Linked Text” works like the mind: through associations. It creates all text as “dots”, and links them to all relevant meaningful contexts within the author’s preview, and back. It augments authoring of narrative “trails that never fade” as we connect the dots and allow recall of the entire scaffolding with which they were erected so that anybody can build upon them.

These “dots” support high resolution associative content addressing and thus make contextual associative recall possible. As the process of consulting the records improves it augments the authoring process itself by “helping one to bring to mind what one had in mind” and presenting everything related that had been recorded by the author earlier. When knowledge is created as Linked Text the entire scaffolding with which it was erected can be presented in a HyperMap ready to explore and build upon. At lower resolutions, HyperMaps can help to gain ‘at a glance’ comprehension what is being communicated. At the highest resolution possible the map becomes the territory that the author conquered.


This is a first draft of “The LinkedText Manifesto” that I am bootstrapping as a Linked Text usingĀ TrailMarks

To be continued

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