Blaze trails with @TrailMarks as you search and annotate the web using @hypothes_is.  Link annotations to your narrative trails as you “connect the dots”. Share them along with  the “entire scaffolding by which they were erected” as a HyperMaps.


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TrailMarks Post on TrailMarks

TrailMarks Value Proposition

Relevance to Doug Engelbart’s Work

  • Inspired by Doug Engelbart’s  “Dynamic Knowledge Repository” concept.
  • Support for bi-directional links.
  • High Resolution Linking within Trailmarks and to the web via
  • High Resolution Recall of structured HyperMedia  it creates in a private, offline first, personal setting.
  • It is built as the simplest possible thing that could possible work that would augment individuals ability to understand and be understood.

Relation to other demos

  • TrailMarks integrates with
    • Web pages shared via TrailMarks on Android or dropped into TrailMarks’s  ‘Linked Text Editor’
      • by default are opened via, so that hypothesis is enabled for the page even if there is no browser extension installed
      • For every web page shared with TrailMarks  a “dot” is created within TrailMarks allowing the user to create a mashups
    • When a specific Hypothesis annotation is dropped into the ‘Linked Text Editor’ a “dot” is created for it that is linked to the “dot” presenting the page within TrailMarks.  The dot for the annotation thereby  gets linked to relevant context within TrailMarks, and that  become discover-able in all relevant contexts. In effect annotation gets organised in meaningful ways.
  • TrailMarks can publish posts to WordPress with the support of Liquid | jrnl  that enables required capability to be loaded to interpret the post produced by TrailMarks as a graph and add dynamic capabilities to the WordPress post, things like popup cards, HyperMap visualizations and links back tor TrailMarks.
  • WordPress posts by TrailMarks are constructed in such a way that the graph from which they were generated from can be made available to Liquid | Space to be incorporated into Liquid | Space contexts.

Presented By

Gyuri Lajos, Houria Iderkou, Marc-Antoine Parent, Jack Park, Christopher Gutteridge, Robert Cunningham


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