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    Fruits Nov06 This is just a test of the writing sequence When I think of Fruits I first think of an apple then an orange apple Nov06 apple of my eye and carry on with orange orange Nov06 orange related to apple Orange is not an apple 

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    Blaze trails with @TrailMarks as you search and annotate the web using @hypothes_is.  Link annotations to your narrative trails as you “connect the dots”. Share them along with  the “entire scaffolding by which they were erected” as a HyperMaps. Checkout https://trailmarks.co Linked Text TrailMarks Post on TrailMarks TrailMarks Value Proposition Relevance to Doug Engelbart’s Work Inspired by Doug Engelbart’s  “Dynamic Knowledge Repository” concept. Support for bi-directional links. High Resolution Linking within Trailmarks and to the web via hypothes.is High Resolution Recall of structured HyperMedia  it creates in a private, offline first, personal setting. It is built as the simplest possible thing that could possible work that would augment individuals ability to understand…