Integration Publishing

Publishing is an act on integrating. 

When sitting on a flight with my mother on our way to Zürich last night, I bought a new pen from Caran D’Ache (or something like that). It’s made from recycled nespresso pods so this has appeal. Since I had left behind my laptop (short trip, just two nights, but still) I had bought a notebook with ‘Journal’ emblazoned on the front. It’s a good pen and I had already been sketching and writing about Author and Liquid Space, so now I wrote the question:


”…how can I write and have my writing-the intentions of my writings-understood, transmit-able, integrated. 

The last few words surprised me: “integrated”. You don’t publish into a vacuum. Publishing is an act of integration!”

We therefore need to really look at the human side of the act of publishing to integrate.



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