Graph API

This is a first explanation of the Graph API that I’ve added to this blog to allow it to be explored within our Liquid Space interface. To try it out, go to and use…


This is a fake glossary entry just to be able to illustrate a link in

Post Format for hyperGlossary

In order to allow for the desired  interaction there must be a format for the authoring application, whether WordPress web or Liquid Author to send this to the WordPress post for special viewing like this if…

HyperGlossary In-Document

The design of what happens when a document with glossary terms attached is published to WordPress is difficult since there are so many ways it could be handled and there should be degrees of reveal…

Hyperknowledge API

A WIP implementation of hyperknowledge api can be found on gitlab. See in particular the OpenAPI specification (yaml) and the section on the event model (see source).  

Christopher Gutteridge

Short Definition: Works at Southampton Universiry Long Definition: Chris is creating Liquid Space and works with Frode Hegland. This is a: person, British Tags: This terms relates to previous terms: