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Vint Update

In tomorrow’s meeting with Vint, Chris, Gyuri and Shane we will be talking about:

  1. Citation copying which are high resolution copies with author information and other meta data by Chris, to be shown on this page.
  2. Graphical views of blogs, essential two riffs of what I was working on with Dynamic Views which both Chris and Gyuri have worked on independently and which we will work to integrate. This also touches on the hyperGlossary work and the work the knowledge graph group is working on.
  3. Search Own Blog. We will also briefly discuss how themes can help some of the issues of finding ones own work for inclusion in new work.

Current Interactions on jrnl

Please note that we have installed the blue dot menu from Hyperwords days which means you can select text and choose commands. The commands will be integrated into this menu, as appropriate. Try it: Select any text on this page and point to the blue dot then choose a ‘live item’ (in white, not the greyed out ones).

General Agenda

Running order will be 5 min Gyuri demo, then Chris’ weblaux/web tableaux / dynamic view and citation copying and we’ll then have a more general discussion about where we can go from here.


The differences between Chris and Gyuri’s approach at this point is largely that Gyuri’s is

  1. in-browser storage general purpose graph
  2. with links outside documents from and to any element in the structure
    of a text fragement
  3. peer to peer sync with other instances on other devices


  1. Chris’ is almost the opposite, almost all UI/UX with very little
    data-structure innovation.


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