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The jrnl project is an effort to make online recorded dialogue more powerful through giving the end user richer interactivity with their information, using the WordPress platform as the place to bootstrap from.

Longer Description

The project is a passion project to implement specific capabilities to allow a user to access and understand a single or a collection of blogs.

Relevance to Doug Engelbart’s Work

(this section features items from Engelbartian Capabilities with additions added below, if any)

  • A Journal
  • Advanced Linking
    • High Resolution Linking (without pre-anchors – in progress)
    • Implicit Link (active; select text and point to the blue dot)
    • Limited: ‘Basic ‘Hyper’ Characteristics’ since these characteristics are advanced by current standards
    • Backlinks & Link Databases (in the form of rss pings etc.)
  • Rich ViewSpecs (View Specifications)
    • Views to change the document when performing searches and reading, as well as views of multiple documents to help the user understand structures and relationships.

Presented By

Frode Hegland, Christopher Gutteridge, Shane Gibson, Gyuri Lajos


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