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Collaborama attempts to rethink many aspects of today’s software development by providing collaborative teams a web-based integrated development environment inspired by many Engelbartian principles.

Software development projects progress through many phases (e.g. ideation, team formation, prototype development, engineering, software testing, user testing, deployment, analysis) and requires many different skill sets (e.g marketing, product management, design, software engineering, QA). Today’s software development process uses a myriad of tools that are poorly integrated and share very little in common with each other.  Workers in different roles use word processors, bug tracking systems, presentation programs, project management software, testing tools, programming languages, deployment frameworks — and none of these talk to each other well.

Collaborama proposes a unified development environment that rethinks every project phase using collaboration principles and a common toolset for all of the different roles and activities.  In this way, every single document that’s part of every phase project for any role can be linked together, shared, versioned, inspected, and iterated on by any project member.  You will be able to “surf” across the entire project, from the marketing presentations, to the requirement documents, to the code that implements the requirements, to the bugs surfaced, to the publications written about the project, etc.  Like the web (when it was young), given the right permissions, every document is inspect-able through a “view source” command, and any document can be “forked” and adapted to a particular project’s needs.

Relevance to Doug Engelbart’s Work

  • A Journal
  • High Resolution Linking (without pre-anchors)
  • Rich ViewSpecs
  • Bootstrapping (the system is written in itself, so the team developing it experiences the benefits of the approach they are promoting)
  • Permissions framework for teams
  • Scriptable command language

Presented By

Adam Cheyer.


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