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Thursday 18th of October call

We need to focus more on what we can do with the blue dot menu and what we need to re-code and what effort that will be. I had to leave early which was a shame but Marc-Antoine and Robert joined us.

We will also need to design all the functionality we feel should be done:

Copy As Citation

Shane is using Chris’ code for this. What effort is left? Also, can we simply add to the Copy command so it’s always copied as citation with high resolution addressing?…

Dynamic List View

Chris would like to build a powerful list view for queries. Frode would like this as well but feels we can start with more powerful templates. Chris would like to work on search and Frode on authoring where this view is to help the author find text within their own work or that of their known research.


We all are interested in the hyperGlosssry and need to know how Gyuri’s world fits into this or if he would like to contribute something different.

Graph to start dialogue as to what should happen

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