10/8/2018: Notes from call with Frode and team


Shane Gibson
Frode Hegland
Christopher Gutteridge
Gyuri Lajos


Chris Gutteridge: Works for University of Southampton, been there for 20+ years, works in OpenData, worked with Ted Nelson, doing a PhD in scholarly communication. When Frode started his project, Chris got involved because they had a lot of similarities. Chris comes from a very different perspective, had a bit of a brainstorm about Doug Englebart ideas and how to port them into WP. Chris is a developer himself. One of the ideas is some very simple and easy to understand components in WP, posts, categories, tags, etc, if you could treat those all as entities so that other applications could understand them. Taking information in a WP site, be able to import more items from an external source, and then be able to lay out your own visualization of information. Using jQuery to highlight connections between, with some links pre-opened.

Gyuri Lajos: Does not know much about WP. Came to the Future of Text about 5 years ago while working as a researcher for the last 15 years. Had a revelation 5 or 6 years ago. Been through several iterations. Going for a collaborative intelligence platform. Only criticism of Englebart is that the only way he could get any funding would have been collaborative intelligence platform. Now, every individual can be their own edge/hub of information. Most important thing is to plug into what exists. Every individual is empowered to do their own thing, but then should be able to collaborate.

Frode Hegland: Does not want to build something in WP just because it is a nice interface. A person who easily gets carried away.


  • The result of ingesting content is really, really important.
  • When a search is completed, sub-search should be available inside of the result.
  • Search query X
  • Graph databases
    • You have entities
    • You have properties
    • You have relationships (typically directional: this post has this author as a relationship)
  • Simple level is an abstraction layer that treats every single entity the same.
  • Once a post/page is published, it becomes relatively static.
  • Create a sentence entity and a paragraph entity using basic WP authoring, when you push publish, it will create entities.
  • Would be great to have natural language processing.
  • Can WordPress be converted into a graph storage and view system?
  • Find all entities that match X conditions with relations of a certain type and find relations with particular attributes.
  • Posts and authors, introduce natural language search, possibly.
  • Compressed scrolling is far in the future.
  • The hyperglossary will be a separate discussion.
  • Annotate is a future consideration.
  • High resolution addressing is very important and should be the first thing we want to demonstrate.
  • Publishing hooks should implement a WordPress-specific scheme for copy as citation.
  • Implemented as a message queue.

Action Items

  1. Merge Chris “copy as citation code” with blue dot code currently on
  2. Create empty GitHub repository and share with Frode for the purposes of storing code inside existing blue dot

Please let me know if there are modifications required for these notes!

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