Sketch first Sprint work breakdown structure

Exploring what could we build together for the 9th of December demo

This is an experiment to see if it is possible to manually publish to word press from the MindGraph plain HTML.
Then experiment with HRSHTML
identifying what could we demo within two weeks

Existing capabilities

  1. Author
    1. export to WordPress
  2. MindGraph
    1. Roundtrip
      High Resolution Structured HTML
      into MindGraph
    2. Graph visualization, Manipulation
    3. Right Thought Editing
  3. Grap

First Sprint

Capabilities that could possibly be completed within two weeks
  1. MindGraph
    1. Import HRSHTML from WordPress
    2. Export HRSHTML to WordPress
  2. WordPress Plugin
    1. Providing a script loadable Javascript client that handles
      1. Authentication to wordpress
      2. Get/Post/Search Posts, glossary entries as HRSHTML



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