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Blue Dot Menu Design

Guys, this is what we are doing with testing so that we have an interaction means to test some of the work we are looking into. Please comment.

The blue dot, carried over from (originally the Hyperwords dot) is being tested as an interaction means for the jrnl.

The menu is being modified to not have the highlighted character, no sub menu, one menu break and no bottom ‘brand’ section.

Menu Items

The menu items for first testing should be:

  • Search this site
  • Google
  • Wikipedia
  • Images (google images)
    – break, to be shown as an empty line, maybe later modified in height or with line –
  • Copy As Citation (copies text and ‘finds’ the first anchor tag in the selection, or after, and uses it for the URL)
  • Flow (flows the selected text or full page. We will need to test)

Visual Style

We will continue this visual style after testing alternatives and noticing the macOS, with Dark Mode, actually has two different contextual menus so we are not going to customise based on OS (mac/windows etc.):

macOS Light mode:

macOS Dark mode:Neutral test version:

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