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jrnl High Resolution Addressing Implementation

I think the notion of addressing is key for much of the interactions we should build and I have written on it all over the place, particularly on the site where I discuss connections and addressability as aspects of the same thing.

For our jrnl project a high priority is to implement stable way where a reader can cite text in a blog post and have a high expectation that when cited in another blog post or other document, when a subsequent reader chooses to access the citation source, that it will automatically be indicated on the article.

An important part of this is the use of the high resolution URL. I think that we must have a way for the browser to know where to scroll to in the document and I don’t think that we should develop a browser(s) plugin for this. Therefore there needs to be anchors in the text as the address point the high resolution URL can refer to.

For this reason I think we should stick with simple paragraph resolution with an automatically added anchor tag at the point of publishing/uploading and then have a selection mechanism (I propose the old hyperwords/liquid blue dot) know what anchor is before any selected text and use that as the URL anchor point.

What do you all think?

If we go down this route we will have to define how to add the anchors and I can use Liquid | Author’s Publish feature to add this so that we can test it.


For my own future history, this is what my office in our new house looks like now, including a napping little man:

Edgar starting his nap in my office in the early days at Durrington.

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