Why Blogging Sucks?

First things first. Blogging doesn’t suck.

It just still does not shine with the light it can, given some proper data are added to our words. It does not breath enough connected data space. And I totally agree with Stephan Kreutzer’s write-up that blogging isn’t “hypertexty enough.”

In my world, I would call that same concept – webby, or better: semantic webby.

What would really augment my experience as a writer and a reader, is the ability of the system I write within to:

  • Consolidate dynamic content
  • Assign unique identifiers for things, people and all other conceivable entities
  • Allow the creation of semantic networks that will add to the Giant Global Graph, as described by Tim Berner-Lee
  • Create semantic metadata
  • Interact with users that have universal ID (the kind of a WebId, which doesn’t scatter their digital footprint across platforms, but concentrates it it one unique identifier)
  • Read and write comments that are universal across all platforms

All of the above would follow if Linked Data is put to good use not only for libraries (see KB becomes the first national library to fully transition to linked data ) and enterprises (see BBC: The Web as a CMS), but also for personal blogging. Such attempts are already being made with the projects Solid (ref. and Dokieli.

Both aim to bring the power of typed link (or, the power of code and RDF and hopefully conceptual graphs) to work to enhance our interaction and collaboration online. Blogging very much included.

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