Authoring Version Control, Comments & Layout

Taking the layout of this blog as the starting point, I have looked at how to indicate that an article has been superseded. In this design the text ‘This Article has been superseded’ is appended after the date, with a reveal triangle.

The reader can click on this to get options to simply acknowledge this (OK), and the red text becomes light grey, to view the latest version or to view the version history.


Other design thoughts in this mock-up are having next and previous post buttons be on the right side of the screen so as to follow the logic of scrolling back and forth.

There are no lists of Categories here, they are for the Timeline view.


The Commenting system has been removed, in an effort to make comments be full posts with high resolution addressing in citation. Any comment with Pingbacks will be listed at the bottom of the screen. The reader can click to expand to show more (full or partial post) and have further options when expanded to jump to the article.


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