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Meeting with Chris Gutteridge 5th of Sept 2018

Christopher Gutteridge and I had a half day work and discussion session on the project.


We decided that we should work on published documents, not live documents as in Google Docs.

We further affirmed what may be obvious; that we want to make any additions modular so that anyone can plug any component into their wordpress install without needing the rest.

Major components of work will a fast query engine and a view engine for a list/timeline view and text interactions when reading a document.



We plan to hire an external wordpress developer for a reality check before moving further.

I have noted down our priorities as I see them, please feel free to post your thoughts using the Priorities Category if you disagree. Let’s try to thread our dialogue around the wordpress system as it is to start with.


Rough Notes

Likely not useful to read but added for completeness:

General sketch about a loose document space
Notions for how a template could work with an Agenda setting meeting plans and then how it expands to be the basis for minutes, on the right
Messy notes on what a useful query could be, bottom left and various thoughts.
The beginning of trying to list what we can make or build and actions.
Extensions for wordpress
Basic notes on what’s in the document list view and what’s in the single page view
Thoughts on how to deal with different queries

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