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    Implicit Linking

    Let users select any arbitrary text and perform searches based on the text, such as we have experimented with for Liquid | Flow and in wordpress here wordpress.liquid.info both of which are already developed and owned by us. A blog post with illustration of the blue dot. This is a Doug Engelbart Term. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2004/nov/18/onlinesupplement 
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    High Resolution Addressability

    The ability for a link to be created which does not just link to the document but to a specific section within the document, such as a paragraph or a sentence, so that the reader can instantly jump to the cited section. This is a high-resolution version of pages in physical documents and can be used for further interaction. Related to the issue of pointing and addressing: http://wordpress.liquid.info/the-fine-art-of-addressing/ This is a Doug Engelbart term. jrnl post Category: High Resolution Addressability

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    The Timeline in jrnl is the view of all the blog posts. We aim to augment this view through two mechanisms: Query/Search In the Timeline view the user should be able to search/query the server for which blog articles to view and the user should further be able to search within the search result. ViewSpec Timeline ViewSpec system which provides flexible ways for the user to choose how the list of document should appear. This is conceptually the same as the Dynamic Views.

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    Meeting with Chris Gutteridge 5th of Sept 2018

    Christopher Gutteridge and I had a half day work and discussion session on the project. Decisions We decided that we should work on published documents, not live documents as in Google Docs. We further affirmed what may be obvious; that we want to make any additions modular so that anyone can plug any component into their wordpress install without needing the rest. Major components of work will a fast query engine and a view engine for a list/timeline view and text interactions when reading a document.   Actions We plan to hire an external wordpress developer for a reality check before moving further. I have noted down our priorities as…