Initial Meeting Summary Report

(As emailed to the team):

Thank you to those of you who joined the call and those who tried 🙂

We had a good introductory chat and decided that we will reconvene in two weeks, on the 7th of September at the same time, 5pm UK time, 9am California time.

I will upload the audio recording when I can, we are moving house today and tomorrow so it’s all a bit technically disorganised here right now.

We decided on starting with EVERYONE writing a blog post on titled “Why Blogging Sucks’ where we outline the problems with current blogging, even if it’s simply a rant, and hopefully from that can add some ideas on how to improve blogging.

This can be issues in general as well as issues with how we can all work together as a team. There are also things we can do right now to improve blogging by writing better posts–and please don’t think I am being patronising by writing this, it was something which came up in our dialogue–we can think about writing clear Subjects for the posts and writing as well as we can, including one thought per paragraph, in order to make it easier to respond to other’s thoughts.

(If you don’t have an account, please ping me and I’ll set it up. We hope to be able to support different blogs but it’s easier if we all use this one for this project initially)

I will also try to install an auto-email summary system on the site, to help us stay together.


Frode Hegland

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