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    Re: jrnl launch meeting announcement (for Friday 24th of August 2018)

    This is a reply to “jrnl launch meeting announcement (for Friday 24th of August 2018)”. It’s a little surprising that the Journal/jrnl in an already very, very specific form is supposed to be the main topic, despite it’s still unclear to which extent the potential participants write about their research and work or plan to, or if that should be the main interest or first strategic goal for now. For a long time, I keep repeating that even WordPress comes with many problems, I wonder who’s supposed to work on these. The proposal continues to suggest that the jrnl should exist as just another blog or website, following the traditional…

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    Re: Friday

    Today, Frode Hegland officially confirmed the first meeting of the Future of Text Institute on the 2018-08-24. With that I received a mail from him, to which I was asked to reply, so I try to do it here. The meeting will introduce the “jrnl” software project, an attempt to make a more Engelbartian blog system, likely the first major topic for the FTI. As it became possible to study Douglas Engelbart’s ARC Journal in more detail, it looks like NLS and Journal are quite distinct and relatively independent from each other, which allows for both to be investigated and recreated as a capability separately. If we would want to…

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    Teodora Petkova

    Hello! I am Teodora. What brought me here, at jrnl is my interest in the way our textual existence on the Web evolves. My name is Teodora and I believe, on the Web, we exist in the form of textual threads. Something more, on the Semantic Web we are intertextual beings, weaving narratives into an ever expanding fabric of relationships. This digital intertextuality combined with the power arising out of open narratives made of data and stories, is what intrigues me. You will find me mostly in my writing at teodorapetkova.com and thebravenewtext.com.