jrnl launch meeting announcement (for Friday 24th of August 2018)


I look forward to the first meeting of the jrnl (‘Journal’) project this Friday at 5pm UK time!

The purpose of the jrnl project is to build enhancements to a wordpress blog which deliver on some of Doug Engelbart’s inventions and vision. It is under the auspices of The Future Text Institute (which we are purposefully taking a long time to launch, in order to do it properly).

The first use of the jrnl will be to make a digital version of the analog book we will produce for this year’s special Future of Text: 50th years Anniversary of Doug Engelbart’s Demo.

*** The very first contents of the blog will be our own dialog so I ask you to please reply through blogging. I have posted this announcement in the blog itself so please use your jrnl blog account to reply to this message and post any thoughts and questions–let’s live this to improve this ***


Meeting Preparation

Before the meeting please blog any introduction with links to whatever personal or professional profile you would like to share using the ’The Team’ Category. If you don’t know how to blog or if you did not get log-in details please email me.


Agenda for the 1 hour meeting

We will briefly introduce ourselves.

We will then discuss how we should work together. How much are we comfortable using the blog, how often should we meet, how we should track tasks (hopefully through the blog but perhaps other ways) and how we should document our work and technical decisions through the blog.

We will then spend the reminder of the time hearing views on the jrnl itself, including any suggested requirements, features and implementations.

We will close with everyone having a minute to say how they will commit to the project: what you take responsibility for doing. For some that will simply be listening in occasionally and that is fine.


After the meeting there I have a one hour break before I meet with Vint Cerf and Ismail Serageldin to present what we have arrived at and how we should proceed, for their feedback. During this one hour I’m happy to be part of any ongoing implementation details, should anyone wish to continue.

This is exciting!

Frode Hegland


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