• The Team

    Stephan Kreutzer

    I maintain an updated profile on my about page that includes a collection of links which lead to my other online presences and projects. For the context of this effort, I also describe most of my earlier and current work in this article. My contributions to this initiative usually won’t reside on this site as I’m able to build and run my own hypertext systems that hopefully will compose material from different sources into a virtual space or combined rendering, something like that. My results can be found on publishing-systems.org for automated conversion workflows and single-source, multi-channel publishing (working with legacy, bookish-style material), complemented by hypertext-systems.org for the more hypertexty…

  • hyperGlossary,  RFC

    RFC: Glossary Data Formats

    First stage For now, we can use the following format to specify glossary entries for the Journal: <dl> <dt>Media Fragment</dt> <dt>Media Fragments</dt> <dd>Paragraphs, datasets, images, topic maps, glossaries… that go into forming one or more document(s).</dd> <dd>This glossary entry is a media fragment, and each of its parts could be as well.</dd> </dl> As the Journal is currently stored in WordPress, we might use its data model to some extend, but will abandon that more and more by abusing it as generic online data storage, where any arbitrary data is stored in the content-body of a blog post. This will render all plugins, themes and administrative tools on the server…

  • News/Updates

    jrnl launch meeting announcement (for Friday 24th of August 2018)

    Hi, I look forward to the first meeting of the jrnl (‘Journal’) project this Friday at 5pm UK time! The purpose of the jrnl project is to build enhancements to a wordpress blog which deliver on some of Doug Engelbart’s inventions and vision. It is under the auspices of The Future Text Institute (which we are purposefully taking a long time to launch, in order to do it properly). The first use of the jrnl will be to make a digital version of the analog book we will produce for this year’s special Future of Text: 50th years Anniversary of Doug Engelbart’s Demo. *** The very first contents of the…

  • Demo @ 50,  Presenter,  The Team

    Frode Hegland

    Software developer and PhD student at the University of Southampton. Co-presenter of Liquid Space and Presenter of Author and the jrnl for the 2018 Special Symposium for which this jrnl.global system was initially produced. Contact frodehegland.com www.liquid.info twitter.com/liquidizer frode@liquid.info